What is Kratom?

Kratom have been used for medicinal issues traditionally for thousands of years in Asia. Kratom is a tropical tree that come from the coffee family. Kratom contains alkaloids and other organic ingredients that may have many positive health benefits including pain relief, helping with opioid addiction, improved mental focus and clarity, reducing anxiety and stress, boosting metabolism, and aiding healthy sleep. As a psychostimulant Kratom can aid in releasing endorphins and serotonin that improve you outlook and mood.

Kratom Benefits May include

Pain Relief
Overcoming Addiction
Reduces Stress, Anxiety and Depression
Increased Energy and Focus
Sexual Stimulant

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about Hemp

Typically Kratom is sold in either bulk powder or capsule form. Since it’s most cost effective and common to buy in bulk power we’ll cover the popular methods for taking Kratom.

  • Steep the powder either directly or in tea bags and drink
  • Mix it into your favorite juice or drink [Orange Juice is our favorite]
  • Toss & Wash – With this method toss the powder to the back for your mouth and wash it down with water or other beverage

The flavor of Kratom does have a bitter aftertaste so find a method that works best for you

Kratom is and incredible alternative to opiates when going through withdrawals since it attaches to the the receptors that opiates attach to. In other words it acts like and opiate even though it is NOT an opioid.

Since the symptoms of withdrawal are so miserable Kratom is a perfect choice in easing these symptoms and keeping you away from going back to opiates.

As with any supplement or medication you need to consult with your doctor to see if Kratom is a good fit. Please only take Kratom in dosing suggested on the labeling found on the product you’ve bought.

When taken in safe and proper dosing there are virtually no side effects for most people. If you take high or extreme dosing there is potential risk as there is with anything. Some users have reported the following symptoms when taking Kratom in higher than recommend dosing:



Sun sensitivity


Dry mouth



Increased urination