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Bluetooth Speaker 4pc Grinder - Assorted Colors

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Product Details
Brand: Grinders

This Bluetooth Speaker Grinder is truly a show-stopper. With a built-in Bluetooth speaker, it will sure to enhance the smoking experience.

It’s a grinder and also a real Bluetooth speaker!
The speaker can be easily connected via Bluetooth to the mobile phone, tablet or laptop. Stoners can listen to their favorite songs while grinding the herbs at the same time. And its battery lasts up to two hours and rechargeable via included USB cable.

It is very easy to use:

Turn it on,  connect the grinder with the built-in speaker via Bluetooth.
Press the power button and connect the speaker with cell phones or laptops.
Grind the herb and enjoy the music
It also does its job well, this Grinder really chops up the herbs perfectly.
Its 36 diamond-shaped sharp teeth guarantee to crush any herb, tobacco,  or spice with ease and efficiency. 

This herb grinder has:

One stainless steel pollen screen, which also called mesh screen filter, to filter the pollen. 
One pollen catcher can be used as a collection tray at the bottom for easy collection.
One handy cute scraper tool for better collecting and easy cleaning.
It grinds surprisingly well for a novelty. Perfect for both outdoor or indoor use and the sound quality will blast you away. Everyone loves this Bluetooth grinder. 

This Bluetooth grinder is a perfect purchase for all smoke shops, head shops, and medical dispensaries. A true must have for all smokers and stoners. We highly recommend it. You won’t regret it. 

4-piece grinder with a built-in speaker.
Built-in batteries and rechargeable via USB cable
Material: Aluminum
Diameter: 62 MM / 2.4 Inches
Height: 73 MM / 2.9 Inches
Weight: 216g
Teeth: Sharp Diamond Teeth
Pollen sieve, collection tray, and scraper included.

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