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Coastal Clouds Hemp D8+HHC-P

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Product Details
Brand: Coastal Clouds

Coastal Clouds presents a High Potency disposable bar that offers a hassle-free hemp vaping experience. Comes prefilled with a perfect counterbalance of 2 grams of Delta-8 THC extracts blended with HHC-P to deliver a phenomenal hemp high that elevates your cerebral senses ideally. Power-packed with an advanced battery unit, mesh coils, and a draw-activated mechanism, allowing you to take your vaping to new heights. Comes in plenty of mouth-watering flavors, the Coastal Clouds is undoubtedly an ideal disposable vape, allowing you to meet your taste preferences suitably.

  • Strawnana Sour Diesel: An Indica-dominant hybrid strain, offering highlights of syrupy strawberries and spicy diesel.
  • Vanilla Wedding Cake: A creamy vanilla cake tossed up with spicy peppers and properties of Indica leaning strain.
  • Blackberry Rntz Kush: A pure Indica strain that skyrockets your palates with its sweet & sour berry highlights mixed with pineapple undertones.
  • Durban Poison Apple: A pure Sativa strain that lets you enjoy delicious notes of spices & sweet vanilla mixed with succulent apples.
  • Purple Watermelon Zkittlez: A blend of juicy citrus fruits with mixed undertones of sour watermelons. Infused with potent Indica dominant strain properties, offering stunning mind uplifting.
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