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Duo Burst Salts

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Product Details
Brand: Good Vibes Inc.

Burst Duo Salts have nailed their signature formula of 50/50 blends of two beloved fruits, and vapers simply can’t get enough of their sensational E-Juice flavor profiles, which get their authentic tastes from exceptionally sourced ingredients.

Burst Duo Salts in general has a straightforward approach to satisfying vapers’ cravings. Mix and match two different fruits that we know and love until you get a flavor profile that’s stunningly balanced and intoxicatingly refreshing. Sounds pretty simple, right? Well, it’s easier said than done. Getting the right balance between sweetness, tang and tartness requires finesse, and luckily, that’s what Burst Duo does best. Rather than settling for disappointing, artificial-tasting fruit-flavored e-juices, explore this amazing collection and you won’t be sorry.

Simply discover multiple vape juice flavors that amaze your vaping palate’s with Burst Duo Salts!

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