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Extrax Splat 3.5g Disposable Hydroxy D9 - Hydroxy D8 - THC-M Live Resin

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Product Details
Brand: Delta Extrax

Delta Extrax HXY9 + THCM + HXY8 Live Resin Pre-Heat Disposable | 3.5g

Delta Extrax has brings you a addition of Pre-Heat disposables to their line. These Pre-Heat Disposables contain a very potent blend of HXY9-THC + THCM + HXY8-THC and Live Resin Terpenes. As an added bonus, the pre-heat function warms the thick viscosity of distillate; preventing clogging and creating a more consistent user experience. These disposables are USB-C rechargeable so you can enjoy them to the very last drop. Delta Extract products are 2018 farm bill compliant containing less than .3% delta-9 thc.

Delta Extrax HXY9 Plus Pre-Heat Disposable Strains

  • Death Star – (Hybrid)
  • Forbidden Jelly – (Indica)
  • Kandy Kush – (Sativa)
  • Thin Mintz – (Hybrid)

Additional Product Information

  • Made by Delta Extrax
  • 3.5-Gram Disposable
  • Pre Heat Function
  • 2 Clicks To Use Pre Heat
  • 5 Clicks On/Off
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