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Geek’d Thumpers 1.5G Pre Roll

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Product Details
Brand: GEEK'D

Geek’d Thumpers Pre Roll | 1.5g

Unleash the Geek’d Thumpers Pre Roll – Where THCA Diamonds Meet Pure Hemp Bliss! If you’re ready to embark on a smoking journey that combines the best of both worlds, Geek’d has crafted something extraordinary – the Thumpers Pre Roll.

Geek’d Thumpers don’t hold back. Each pre-roll is packed with a generous 1.5 grams of pure smoking pleasure. It’s not just a session; it’s an experience. Why Choose Geek’d Thumpers? Experience the luxury of THCA Diamonds in every drag. Whether you’re a sativa enthusiast, an indica aficionado, or love the balance of a hybrid, Geek’d has something for you. Crafted with precision and passion, Geek’d Thumpers represent the pinnacle of pre-roll perfection.

How to Ignite the Geek’d Thumpers Magic: Select Your Strain: Jack Herer, King Louis VIII, or White Rntz? The choice is yours. Unveil the Diamond: Light up, inhale, and feel the magic of THCA Diamonds with every puff. Elevate Your Experience: Geek’d Thumpers aren’t just pre-rolls; they’re a journey into the realms of flavor and potency.

Indulge in Geek’d Thumpers Pre Roll Magic. Whether you’re a seasoned smoker or someone looking to elevate their smoking game, Geek’d Thumpers is your ticket to a premium pre-roll experience. Order yours today and let the geeky magic unfold.

THCA Diamonds Magic: Picture this: each puff delivering the magic of THCA Diamonds. Geek’d Thumpers aren’t just pre-rolls; they’re a celebration of potency and flavor. Geek’d believes in the power of nature. Geek’d Thumpers are 100% hemp-derived, ensuring a clean and pure smoking experience. No more than 0.3% Delta-9 THC & THCA combined means you get the goodness without the excess.

Geek’d Thumpers Pre Roll Strains

Strain Selection Wonderland: Geek’d knows variety is key. Each Thumper Pre Roll is available in three carefully curated strains:

  • Jack Herer (Sativa): Elevate your day with the energizing and uplifting effects of this legendary strain.
  • King Louis VIII (Indica): Indulge in deep relaxation and unwind with the regal vibes of King Louis VIII.
  • White Rntz (Hybrid): Find the perfect balance of euphoria and relaxation with this delightful hybrid.

Additional Product Information

  • Diamonds in Every Puff
  • Strain Variety
  • 2018 Farm Bill Compliant
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