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Titanium Flats Charcoal | 16ct

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Product Details
Brand: Titanium

They are the only brand to use 100% pressed coconut shell, contrary to other brands claims. Most brands will use fillers such as wood and sawdust to cut costs, which causes lack of performance and odors. Hookahjohn has partnered up with CocoTama, the best and original manufacturer of coconut coals The story on this product is that they are made from the original manufacturer that CocoNara used when they first came out. Over the years CocoNara has dropped in quality and consistency because they have been outsourcing their production to other manufacturers. The original manufacturer has decided to stop producing for CocoNara because of this. If you are familiar with coconut coals you know that CocoNara had the best quality years ago. Manufacturer: Hookahjohn and CocoBrico real review 08/18/2014 quality coals Picked these up at my local shop. They' re comparable to your other major coconut coals, the biggest difference is Titanium coals ash significantly less - conservative estimate about 50% less ash than CocoNara, but it looks like 1/3 of the ash. That' s a huge plus and a sign of quality

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